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Generic Engine FAQ

Is Generic Engine open Source ?

No, Engine's Kernel is closed source - We plan to offer open Source Interfaces

Which Fileformats ?

PC (Pamcrash) and STL can be imported currently.
Other Formats will be available and can be handled by Plugins.
Plugin Interface as Open Source is on the way.

Which Platforms are supported ?

Generic Engine currently can be compiled as Win32 and Linux64 programs.
Win32 programs run on Win64 machines also.

Which underlying Rendersystem is used for ?

OpenGL 2.0 and higher versions

What are the limits of a 3D Model ?

We don't know - it seems Graphics Card dependend only
We run Demonstrations with 2.000.000 Polygons at 200 FPS on a Middle Class Graphics Card

Which are the limits of the Remote Control (Network) ?

Remote Controlled is tested with 5 Clients

What about the Network Bandwith Requirements ?

Remote Control was tested with slow UMTS/WLAN Router with a ping of 350 up to 800 ms

What about the Network Protocol ?

It's over TCP and implemented as secure channel. Internals are secret

What about the Server ?

Server can be started from the GUI or Commandline.
Commandline is interesting cause Engine is able to run on a physical Server 'somewhere else'

Known issues

Framerate is low at Linux64/NVidia configuration
...solution in progress
Linux64 + ATI, Windows + NVidia, Windows + ATI are good configurations

Stability is not Release State - we know that (:-

Beta version

Generic Engine's current State is Beta
So you should not use the Generic Engine Viewer in a productive Enviroment


Generic Engine's GUI is also made by using openGL.
So everything looks simple. This Pure openGL GUI can bee seen as a prototype.
Continue reading section Future...


Generic Engine came over the years from Java to C++
We spent a lot of time to develop everything from scratch. (study, tests and learn)
Today's engine runs on Linux and Windows
To be sure that we can handle any platform that supports openGL
we decided to use QT - the cross platform library.

Next version of any platform means Mac OS X and Android Smartphones also

...list will be continued ........... ( top )
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