generic engine - 0.71 - developers website
Generic Engine - is generic and mostly independent.
It's a cross-plattform library, like QT or wxWidgets - specialized for openGL
Written in C++ based on Standard Template Library (STL) and own, generic classes and methods.
Internal Data Structures are generic (templates) and highly customizeable

Scalable fast 3 Dimensional visualisation controlled over Network.
Scalable means, if you have more memory in your Graphics Card,
Model can have more Millions of Polygons.
Remote Control (the Messages) are not dependend on Model size.
Rotate, zoom, pan models in realtime.

Function: It's like a chat program. User enter room, see each other and talk.
To be compared with Generic Engine Concept:
User enter room and can manipulate the view(s) of each others.

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